Robust Web3 Hosting

Turnkey offshore hosting.
Laconic provides technical solutions to facilitate the
jurisdictional diversity of your application and organization.

Why Laconic?


For Developers

Deploy across many jurisdictions and outsource hosting responsibilities to service providers.

  • Plug and play solution

  • Kubernetes support

  • Quick automated setup

  • Deploy across other ecosystems

  • Register apps and data on chain

  • Support broad user base


For App Users

Improved service and customization

  • Applications custom to your jurisdiction

  • Easily host your own up-to-date version

  • Sane privacy settings

  • Higher quality service and uptime

  • Verifiable data accuray

  • Ability to exit with your data

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Intro to the Laconic Stack

Here’s the main problem: reading data from the Ethereum blockchains is either cheap and sloppy or expensive and correct. As a result, Dapp developers have come to rely on inexpensive centralized...

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